A Cinematic Landscape

A Cinematic Landscape

June 13, 2022 0 By jhbLUG

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who built this?

This was built by Therese and forms part of the van Graan family’s personal collection.

How long did it take you to build this?

Designing and building took about a week. Therese used LDDMC (LD Digital Mosaic Creator) by BrickGraphics to design the mosaic. She then imported the file into stud. io a to generate building instructions.

Can I buy this as a set?

No. While this display is built from original LEGO™ parts, it is an entirely custom build, also known as a MOC (My Own Creation).

Can I buy this one then?

To commission a work like this one would carry a significant cost, because of the large number of studs needed and the hours of creative labour involved.

How do you transport it?

2D builds transport very easily – it is stacked flat in the family car’s boot, under their other displays. If it is a particularly big 2D build like this one, it gets stacked on top of the boxes.

Do you have a separate room in your house to display this?

This build is displayed on an easel in the van Graan living room. 2D builds that are not on display at their home gets stacked against a wall in their living room.

It has previously been displayed at the Arnold Classic from 4 – 5 June 2022.