April 2022 Instructions

April 2022 Instructions

June 23, 2022 0 By jhbLUG


Modular Living Cubes

With our first display(s) coming up, it will be fun if we can do some “collaborative builds”, in other words, everyone contributes a small part to a bigger build. There are a few projects running (the patchwork, the train mills town, GBC) and for the April build, we would like to challenge you to build modular living cubes like the ones used in some Creator sets. Please see the PDF file for more details.


Build a cube, either 8×8 or 16×8 in size, 7 bricks high (with a plate base and plate / tile top) that can then be stacked to form an apartment building / skyscraper. You can follow the instructions, or build your own design, as long as it is the same height and size. Furnish the inside, or leave it plain – your choice. Build one or build more, it doesn’t matter. But please keep this build for use in displays during this year.