Here is a short tutorial on how to manually add new members, how to activate members who have registered themselves, and how to change their status (aka: Membership Plan).
Note: Please do not change any other settings without consulting with popWeb.

  • First login at
    Type in your username and password. Click “remember me” if you don’t want to have to type it in every time.



  • Once you are in the Admin section, hover over the ARMember icon and select “Manage Members”
  • You will see a list of all the existing members. Click the Green ADD MEMBER button at the top right to manually add a new member:
  • A pop-up form will appear which you will need to complete, based on their original sign-up information.
  • At the bottom of the form, you’ll see a “Membership Plan” section. Click on “Change Plan”. This allows you to set their membership payment level (either Paid Up, One Month Behind, or More Than 1 Month Behind”). Sorry that we were not able to change the heading “Membership Plan” to something more appropriate.
  • Choose a payment status from the dropdown list and then click the green SAVE button:
  • An email will be sent to the user to notify them of their account username and password. They will then be able to login, change their password, add an avatar image and update their information if needed. 
  • An email will also be sent to the main adminstrator (michael@jhblug) to confirm the new member. 



  • Your main administrator will receive a notification email that someone has registered. 
  • Login as described above and select MANAGE MEMBERS from the AR Member menu in the admin bar.
  • You will see a new row with the new member’s name and some basic info including a “Pending” status.  Hover your mouse over the row containing the member you want to activate. You will see a pop-up with items called “View Detail”, “Edit Member”, “Change Status”, “Manage Plans” and “Delete”. Click View Detail to see the information that the user has entered. Once the person has paid you may go ahead and activate their account as follows:

  • First click on MANAGE PLANS and select the green “Change Plan“button.  Now select from the 3 options and close the window once you are done:
    • Paid Up Member
    • One Month Behind
    • More Than 1 Month Behind
  • Then click on “CHANGE STATUS” and select “Activate”.

    You can also Inactivate or Terminate someone’s membership here (they do the same thing)
  • To permanently cancel a membership, use the DELETE button in the popup menu when hovering over their row. It will ask you to confirm